London Blind Ramblers

Who are we?

London Blind Ramblers (LBR) is a membership group for blind and partially sighted people that meets regularly for guided walks. The group comprises members of all ages, ranging from the 30’s to the 80’s. The group is run by volunteers and is affiliated with the Ramblers Association, Britain's walking charity.

Several blind ramblers climbing up a steep hill overlooking a valley with hills and trees
Blind ramblers walking through Bluebell woods

What do we do?

We organise around 30 walks in spring and summer each year, mostly in areas within and around London. Our members normally meet at either a main train or tube station in London to travel to the walk area. The average walk is six to eight miles long and includes a lunch or pub stop. These walks are usually led by Ramblers Association groups from the local area, and volunteers from these groups guide our blind and partially sighted members during these walks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the groups who have been hosting walks for us over the years. Some of the regular groups we walk with in London include:

Expanding our program

We are now looking for new London groups to host walks for us during our main summer season as well as in winters. We would greatly appreciate hearing from groups who are happy to offer us walks in 2023 and beyond. These walks could also be a joint effort between two or more groups.

LBR member climbing a tree

What does offering a walk for London Blind Ramblers involve?

  • Proposing a suitable route

    It would be convenient for our members if the walk starts and finishes at an underground or overground station, with easy access to toilets at the starting point.

  • Walk leader

    It would be useful if a walk leader could be designated who could explore the path in advance.

  • Lunch stop

    Our members usually bring a packed lunch. it would be convenient if a suitable café/pub stop could be found for purchasing hot/cold drinks and easy access to toilets.

  • Guides

    On average, about eight to ten members from our group would require guiding during these walks. If attendance is higher, volunteers from our group could also pitch in as guides. When guiding a blind person, ask them how they like to be guided. Tell them about kerbs and steps as you approach them and say whether they go up or down. Mention any potential hazards that lie ahead and say where they are, including overhanging branches.

Getting  in touch

We would appreciate hearing from London groups that are able to offer us walks. For further information or to offer a walk, please email us on:

Call for volunteers

If you live in London and would like to join London Blind Ramblers as a volunteer, we would like to hear from you. Our sighted volunteers are an invaluable part of our group. They offer practical assistance to our blind members where needed, and also accompany us on our walks. If you would like to volunteer with us, please get in touch by emailing:

Charity Details

London Blind Ramblers is an activity group of the Recreational Club for the Blind, Registerd Charity Number 1024837

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